ACWM Promo Tools

At ACWM we know that busy webmaster affiliates are always on the look out for easy and fast to use Promo Tools.

We have created many excellent Promo Tools with this exactly in mind - how to both create profitable rev-share opportunities for you and offer you a wide selection of Promo Tools that are fast and easy to use.

We also offer some advanced Promo Tools that are complete programs and XML Feeds that will meet your advanced programming needs.

ACWM has both E-mail and Instant Messenger support to assist you in using these Promo Tools as well as a forum were you can ask questions and request new Promo Tools to meet your needs.

General use and features of all Promo Tools:

Tracking Codes may be added and all the sales referred by that Promo Tool will be reported with that custom Tracking Code.
All ACWM Promo Tools have a minimum of English and French language translations

XWL White Label

Brand your own names with our white label ? powered by our quality live cams from Xlovecam!!! We provide our talented models with you providing the customers from your own network and advertising efforts. XWL White Label system has a good selection of templates and offers many custom webmaster edits.

XCLONE White Label

Like our API? If you generate sufficient sales as a current ACWM Affiliate, or you are a successful webmaster with quality traffic; we have an unique opportunity for you to earn a lot more money from your existing member base or brand your own cam site. Contact us today to inquire about this outstanding program.

Mobile Webcam Chat

Mobile Compatible Cam Chat. An iPhone, and other mobile devices ( Android, Blackberry, etc.), compatible cam chat is available for XloveCam

you need not provide your referred customer with a special link for this - we will automatically redirect all mobile traffic to our new mobile platform.

Online Model iframes

Thumbnail displays of online Models have always been a popular promotional tool. At ACWM we offer customizable iframes that will display thumbs in a random default or as specified within a custom generated selection. The thumb image can be in three sizes, with the background color, border color and text color of your choice. There are also settings for rows and columns.
You can filter the Models with our online iframe generator. There are hundreds of possible combinations. If you wish to add your own custom images try using the LCB Online iframe generator also.

Live Chat Tool

Add a real live chat to your websites. With our Live Chat Promo Tool you can display a free live video chat directly into your website pages. Customizable colors, with full screen available, over thirty video chat sizes, multiple languages - in other words, a perfect Promo Tool that has the power to improve your sales with XloveCam because it's offering better interactivity to your visitors.
You can choose either cams of a category or a cam by its specific Model name.

Live Webcam and Chat Simulator

Available in seven sizes, a live preview cam, either by category or specific Model name will add a focal point to your pages that will attract the visitor's interest and create many referrals to our cam sites for you. Size it to fit your needs and with a background color to complement your pages.
With ACWM's simulated live cam chat your visitor types in the simulated chat and when the send button is clicked it redirects them into that Model's free chat room.

Text Links Generator

At ACWM we offer customizable text links with tracking codes (campaign codes). Your links may be for a desired default language, to a specific page such as; online Models, random Model, direct registration, all our Models, a Model by their nickname or to our Mobile site.
In addition, we have a custom link generator that you can select specific attributes of Models or of Models within a category. So as to deliver specific niched content, like blue eyed busty Models as an example.


Banners have always been a well used Promo Tool to drive referral traffic. At ACWM we offer banners for all of our sites, in a variety of languages, in common sizes and attractive designs. We add banners on a regular basis. Rest assured, you will most likely find the appropriate banner that will both fit the available spot on your website and drive lucrative referral traffic to our sites.

Picture Gallery

Our picture gallery contains hundreds of images of XloveCam's Models that may be used for promoting your sites that contain links to ACWM websites : XloveCam and XloveGay. Much of the newer material is hand picked and high definition quality. We provide you with content at no charge to be used on your websites that are promoting us.

XML Feeds

XML Feeds that will allow you to create your own custom displays and tool linking codes - the possibilities are endless... XML Feeds are offered for online Models, updated every two minutes. For all Models that have appeared during your selected time period. XML feeds for individual Models are also available. These feeds contain pictures in various configurations, useful Model data and the current mode (freechat, private) in the online feeds.

RSS Feeds

RSS Feeds are available. Our RSS Feeds are configurable as text only or including images. You may also apply filters as your niche may require. RSS Feeds for new Models is available too. These feeds may be used with WordPress or other CMS Blogs to automatically make updates for you. These feeds are available in English or French.

Wkit - AutoBlog

With WKIT (Wordpress KIT) you can create your own Auto Blogs powered by our RSS Feeds, in just a few minutes.
WKIT is basically a package of multiple scripts combined together, that usually can also be built up manually by any webmaster, but the important role of WKIT is that it can help you to save a lot of time - instead of installing each script or plugin manually, making settings etc - WKIT will install wordpress + included plugins + third party scripts + some common plugin configuration - in just ONE STEP.

Templated Site (XML driven free cam site builder)

Our Templated Site (WLC 2.0) features: an auto installer, templates manager, new templates, lighter xml feed and various Models categories and a lot more. Over 20 templates and more being added. Virtually anyone now can build hundreds of free cam sites with Search Engine results in less than ten days in many cases. After a few months, your sales conversions can really add up for you. With further promotion of your network, the returns on sales can be amazing.

Live Cams Builder (LCB)

The Live Cams Builder (LCB) program has two modes; 1.) to build custom iframes that are called from our servers or, 2.) to be installed to your server to create thumb displays that will get indexed as PHP includes. One large advantage of this is that the thumb displays will get indexed as page content, as an include, rather than not indexed, being in iframe. The Live Cams Builder (LCB) program in either use allows your addition of custom background graphics.

Slide-Up Pop-Up

Imitating a messenger's slide up message announcement this Promo Tool still creates many clicks. We offer this tool in a variety of background styles with colors to complement your pages. Also, as a special feature, a live cam can be included within the slide up message announcement - gaining greater attention of your visitor and more click thru referrals for you.

HTML Pages

Do you need a fast landing page for your domain? Maybe you're in hurry and no time to create a layout for your new website?
A few fast edits and you are ready to go. If necessary, you can further customize these templates in any way you want. If you have a spare domain or a parked domain, the HTML Pages Promo Tool might be a better way to make use of it to generate some additional income for you.

Registration API

Can be used to build your own customized Xlovecam registration form and allow your visitors to create an Xlovecam account directly from your website pages with only three mandatory fields: username, password and email.
You can implement it in an existing page of your website or simply create a dedicated page for it, with your own texts and graphics. User can be automatically logged on into his Xlovecam account after registration.

Email Catcher

With the Email Catcher promo tool you can offer an incentive to your visitors in order to get their attention; it comes in the form of a FREE Coupon that offers access upon registration to a VIP VIDEO of their choice plus unlimited Free Video Chat. Coupons are automatically sent to the submitted email addresses and it links to Xlovecam registration page. We offer the promo tool in multiple languages and styles. You can also track the sales and free registrations coming from this tool by using a tracking information value.

Special AD Tools

A collection of various promoting tools that can be useful for any webmaster. Most of our special tools are available in multiple languages and styles, plus extra features that allow various customizations like size, position, colors, trigger methods and so on. We provide easy to use generator and detailed instructions for each available option, you can also preview your customizations before generating the html code to use in your websites.

Xvideos / XloveTube

Xvideos - recorded videos content for your websites.
All videos that are available for affiliates are manually picked by our moderators and periodically new videos will be added.
Video player is customizable in terms of colors, landing page type and other various options. It's also possible to generate XML feeds and CSV export files, that can be used with various scripts.

There are 2 (two) main types of Videos on Xlovecam: Free and VIP.
Free videos can be watched by anyone while VIP videos only by customers that pay for a VIP membership to a model account or another.

For affiliates we provide both types of videos, but VIP ones are limited to 1 minute view, after that an overlay screen will be displayed, inviting visitors to register on Xlovecam and buy VIP membership in order to view the entire video.

Beside the main videos categorization (Free or VIP), our moderators can also manually assign an action to all approved videos, we have here 3(three) types:

Teaser - no intimate parts appear in the video
Soft Nudity - no masturbation, mild nudity
Hardcore - masturbation, oral simulation (even if with sex toy), sex scenes etc

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